Welcome to the platform of WBA

The WBA Conference of Leaders provides an opportunity to corporations to meet, co-operate and share best practices and ideas through a modern collaborative platform. It is a great tool through which business professionals can find out more about their colleagues, improve their networking and even learn new skills. The WBA Conference of Leaders is a great chance for the attendees to broaden their horizons not only professionally but also culturally and conceptually.

The participants are chosen very carefully so that they can communicate efficiently, have ideas and best practices which would be of interest for all other participants and are more than willing to share them. The profiles of the candidates include but are not limited to leading business professionals, renowned academics, innovative scientists, political leaders as the goal is to gather professionals from different fields. The goal of the WBA Conference of Leaders is to foster future co-operation so that the participants develop projects together and/or find ways to improve their institutions. The ultimate goal is to build powerful and long-lasting partnerships which could change the world for better and solve large international problems. This is achieved through special sessions where participants can present their businesses, exchange ideas and, moreover, meet people and talk with them. There are workshops led by prominent panelists whose aim is to enhance participants’ ability and motivation to work together. Of course, there are official speeches where knowledgeable speakers discuss topics of the summit. The topics vary from year to year but they are always up-to-date and encourage participants to be initiative, creative and energetic.

The publicity and PR effect should not be overlooked, either. The WBA Conference of Leaders enjoys a wide coverage in the international media and it is a great way for each participant to make their ideas well-known and to gain international recognition for their work.