Turkish Airlines’ feats do not remain unnoticed

Turkish Airlines received the Golden European Award at the WBA Conference of Leaders and Aristotle Award Ceremony 2015 and the Golden European Award for Quality and Business Prestige in the Aviation sphere at the WBA Conference of Leaders and Socrates Award Ceremony 2015 in Rome, Italy. The first award was received personally by the CEO of Turkish Airlines – PhD Temel Kotil.

Turkish Airlines has grown from the largest airline company in Turkey with more than 80 years history to a leading world carrier that sets the standards in the aviation industry. The company was founded back in 1933 and started operating internationally in 1947. The company had hard times in the mid-70s but managed to regain stability by the early 2000s. Until 2004, the company was almost 100 % government-owned but now, this percentage is down to 49 % and Turkish Airlines is a publicly traded company. Turkish Airlines’ progress since 2005 onwards has been unprecedented in the industry and sets the success model for other Turkish industries. Turkish Airlines has increased its turnover 8 times from close to 1 billion EUR in 2005 to more than 8 billion EUR in 2014 by increasing the profit more than 7 times – 80 million EUR in 2005 compared to more than 600 million in 2014 (Turkish Airlines official website). The number of passengers for the same period went up almost 4 times from 14 million to more than 54 million passengers (Turkish Airlines official website). The cargo carried has also experienced a similar four-fold increase from 145,000 tons to 668,000 tons and the size of the fleet tripled from 83 airplanes in 2005 to 261 in 2014 while the number of employees exceeds 19,000 people (Turkish Airlines official website). The number of destinations serviced is also impressive – Turkish Airlines flies to more than 280 destinations in 110 countries (Turkish Airlines official website) and in that way, it is the airline that serves the largest number of countries in the world. Turkish Airlines also became a member of the Star Alliance in 2008.

However, Turkish Airlines is much more than just impressive growing numbers. Turkish Airlines is known for offering comfort, safety and great services to their customers at very competitive rates. Moreover, it is a champion of traditional Turkish values such as hospitality, respect and great customer service and has supported many local development projects. Passengers can taste delicious Turkish meals and drinks on board of the airplanes such as baklava, ayran, rakia and others which convey the spirit of Turkey and builds up the image of the entire country.

Needless to say, behind the success of the company stays the man in charge. PhD Temel Kotil has more than 30 years in the aviation and aerospace industries, the last ten of them with Turkish Airlines. He started his career path with a BSc degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Istanbul Technical University, then, he completed two MSc degrees in Engineering and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor on a scholarship from the Turkish Government. Later, he held key positions at the Istanbul Technical University and established new laboratories in several mechanics fields. He also worked in the USA before joining Turkish Airlines in 2003 and where he has been a General Manager and CEO since 2005.

PhD Temel Kotil has been instrumental in the success of Turkish Airlines and both awards distinguish the company and its CEO as leaders in one of the most competitive and large global industries. We believe that Turkish Airlines will continue being a top choice for more and more customers and will enhance its status of a highly successful socially responsible carrier.