What is to be a global citizen?

Globalization has played a major role in the second half of the 20th century and its importance has been increasing even more in the 21st century. The opinions about globalization are controversial. There are many individuals, organizations and countries that support globalization wholeheartedly and others that are totally against it and want to go back to the “good old days when there was no globalization”.

No matter what you think, one thing is sure – globalization persists and is here to stay… at least for a few more decades. It exists – good or bad. So, the sooner people, who oppose it, realize that, the less frustration they will feel. Eventually, these people will be able to concentrate on more important things than trying to ignore the fact that globalization exists. The truth is that globalization gives many phenomena the chance to spread out more quickly. That is true both for negative and for positive phenomena. A disease can spread out faster due to the increased movement of people but an existing cure can be applied much faster, as well.

Globalization is international integration that is a result of exchange of ideas from all parts of the world. It is possible due to improved communications, transportation links and better exchange of information. WBA is an organization that vigorously supports the exchange of free ideas, multiculturalism and cross-sector co-operation. WBA also supports globalization because it is a process that makes all that much easier. WBA’s members are truly global citizens who work in many countries and whose inventions and projects improve lives of million people. WBA aims to use its work to enhance the effects of globalization and to neutralize its negative sides.

One of the most important results of globalization is the rapid growth of international tourism. The number of international flights and for shorter distances, buses and trains has been increasing worldwide and transportation has become faster, more secure and more comfortable. Moreover, you can plan better your trip using Internet… or even by calling your landlord or the hotel receptionist on their cell phone – something that was not possible even 20 years ago. Yet again, tourism provides economic growth, improves infrastructure and creates more jobs but, at the same time, causes pollution and has a negative impact on environment. Sustainable tourism and ecotourism are just a few of the solutions offered to solve these issues and they will be covered during the conference, as well. Other topics covered include tendencies in international tourism, future of globalization, hidden globalization effects, being a global citizen and others.

To address the issue WBA will hold a conference that is open to participants (individuals and organizations) from across the globe.