International Socrates Award

For Government management, Education, Science and Technology, Culture and Art, Economics and Business, Medicine and Pharmacy

Patent (Reg.No 013541263)

The International Socrates Award is named after the Greek philosopher who differentiated ethics as a separate branch in philosophy. For Socrates, moral development is the most important human task. He consideredphilosophy more than a system of doctrines and dogmas, for him – it was a lifestyle. The same values are shared by the International Aristotle Committee that gives the awards.

To begin with, unlike other Greek philosophers, Socrates never wrote any books and all that we know about him is derived from his students and contemporaries like Platoon, Aristotle, Aristophanes, Xenophon and others in whose works Socrates plays a role in philosophic works and that makes it hard to find out for sure what this great man didand what was made up later. Socrates’ quote “I know one thing: that I know nothing” represents his view towards science that nobody can be absolutely certain about anything and that any idea can and should be questioned.

Socrates was a man of great virtue who was ready to sacrifice his life in order to stand up for his belief in truth. TheInternational Socrates Award aims to distinguish politicians, businessmen and scientists who work for fulfilling the Socrates’ ideal for truth and tolerance. The International Socrates Award is given in the following fields:Government management, Education, Science and Technology, Culture and Art, Economics and Business,Medicine and Pharmacy. Socrates was never interested in money and he refused to be paid for his work so the awards take into account the positive intellectual and cultural impact of the nominated people and projects but do not consider any financial benefits that might have occurred from implementing the nominated best practices and ideas.

The competition for the International Socrates Award is very rigorous and the nominees are exceptional specialists with a proven success record, high ethics and altruism. The other skills that are assessed are intellectual capability, degree of innovation and ability to re-create the ideas in different environments. The jury of the International Aristotle Committee consists of experts in different fields sharing Socrates’ values. Moreover, their geographical representation is balanced. The award is recognition for ethical behavior, openness to new ideas and tolerance of other people’s differences. The International Aristotle Committee would like to build a vast network of people in interrelated fields sharing the same Socrates’ values and to improve the applicability of the awarded projects.