“International Aristotle Award”

For intellectual achievements to contemporary society

Patent (Reg.No 013514203)

The International Aristotle Award is named after the Greek philosopher and scientist whose name has remained as one of the most influential scientists through the millennia. Aristotle wrote different works in all fields that are covered by the International Aristotle Award: Government Management, Education, Science and Technology, Culture and Art, Economics and Business, Medicine and Pharmacy. He is also famous with his works in other fields such as physics, logic, metaphysics, poetry and others. He is regarded as one of the most versatile scientists in human history. He is also regarded as the first scientist who put the emphasis on empirical research.

The International Aristotle Award follows the guidelines of the great Greek scientist and the Council of the International Aristotle Committee chooses the winners who comply with the legacy of Aristotle. Their goal is to choose winners whom Aristotle himself would have chosen.

The International Aristotle Award is recognition for successful and influential practices in the above mentioned fields. Through their work, the winners have contributed to implementation and exchange of ideas, know-how and good practices across the globe. It is specifically targeted towards projects with proven and empirically justifiable results which can be transferred and applied to other regions and even, to other fields.

The winners follow the innovative scientific spirit of Aristotle and the goal of the International Aristotle Award is not merely to recognize the winners for their achievements but to build a network of distinguished leaders in the above mentioned fields, leaders who share the values of Aristotle and, at the same time, are interested in cross-sector co-operation.

The Award Ceremony takes place in one of 14 chosen cities worldwide as its goal is to cover all geographical regions in the world that could contribute to intellectual development.  It is a great opportunity for anyone interested in progress of intellectual ideas and bringing them closer to society to apply for the International Aristotle Award. The award recognizes world leaders in their fields that have shown intellectual capacity, initiative and energy to implement their ideas in reality and by doing so, they have followed the legacy of Aristotle and his constant striving to scientific progress.