What do we know about global warming?

Global warming is often described as one of the greatest dangers to humanity by some scientists while others totally deny its existence. So, the question is whether global warming exists and if yes whether and to what extent it poses a threat on humanity. No matter what you are told the truth is that we do not know… exactly! And this should not be surprising. Climate is affected by many factors, follows long-term patterns (some of which cyclical) and we are not aware of many of them and we do not understand a lot of these of which we are aware. So, to make matters more complicated, we have an intense human activity that might affect these processes and we need to understand whether global warming is a cause of human activity or part of a natural cycle. Climate has been changing on Earth for more than five billion years and we have been recording climate information for the last 3-4 centuries and specialized climate data only for the last 30 years. Metaphorically, it would be like reconstructing entirely a 5-hour symphony based only on its last note without hearing anything from the 5 hours before that.

Unlike pollution, which could be certainly ascribed to human activity, global warming could be natural and we could be in the middle of a cyclic climate cataclysm without realizing it. Or maybe, we created too many problems with our activities. Different theories lead to different conclusions but the problem is that we do not have enough information to say which models are valid and which not. So, the question remains – is global warming a sequence or a cause and what is the human part in it? The results are visible in both cases – melting of the ice caps, increase of the sea level, changes in climate, floods, droughts, and increased levels of carbon dioxide.

There are many things that we do not know about climate. For example, scientists have proven unanimously that magnetic south and magnetic north change their positions alternately and the phenomenon is called geomagnetic reversal. Moreover, the magnetic field changes its power. The cause for them is unknown, their occurrences vary, their duration is different and their effect on climate is unpredictable. And we did not even know about that a century ago. So, we have a lot more to learn about climate to fit in global warming correctly in the puzzle.

The conference will present everything that is known for sure about global warming, a lot of theories on both sides will be discussed and the goal is to find ways how to effectively reduce global warming so that we preserve our environment.

To address the issue WBA will hold a conference that is open to participants (individuals and organizations) from across the globe.