What is Education and what is Globalization?

Generally, Education is a form of learning in which the knowledge, values, skills, habits and beliefs of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the other through different methods, some of which are discussion, storytelling, training, teaching and research. Education is also the delivering of information from one person to another. At global level, the right to be educated date from 1966.

The term Globalization include variety of political, social and economic changes. Globalization is a process, which has affected a lot of areas of the human life, one of which is education. In the 20th century, many of the developing countries have experienced growth in the educational facilities, because of the new entering institutions from the West. Some people believe that this is good, and the process is unique opportunity for the people of the developing countries to raise their skills and standards of education. Other people fear that it is some kind of a modern version of cultural imperialism, whose purpose is to make Western society rule the rest of the world.  The program called “Student Exchange”, in which one Western university exchange students with another non-Western university, is part of the so called Globalization of education. Its purpose is to achieve improving of the skills and capabilities of the one who receive it.   

How and why Globalization and Education are connected?

Globalization and Education are very closely connected. Education is an important part for globalization. Education undergoes constant changes under the effects of globalization. Globalization brings many developments to education. If people were still ignorant and non-educated, there would be no globalization. But there is something much more important for the developing world. With the technical progress, the introduction of technology in schools, the nature of education is changing. Technology open people’s eyes and their thirst for new knowledge. Technology draws people into globalization. With these new and important changes in the education, the world will keep going in the right direction.

Why it is important to be at the assembly?

Globalization will raise the level of education to its highest. The international spread of education, as a result of globalization, has an immense effect on cultures through all over the world. This is the new era of education. The role of education has become more related to globally competitive positions. Education is becoming crucial part of the lives of the people. In today’s world, education provides people with a better chance of employment, which in turn leads to a better lifestyle, power and status.