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The Golden European Award for Quality and Business Prestige in the Medicine sphere goes to Dr. Nahi Yousif Yaseen

LogoThe World Business Assembly Conference of Leaders and the Socrates Award Ceremony 2015 which took place on 27th September 2015 in Rome, gave the chance to leaders and decision makers from all over the world to meet, co-operate and also to get acquainted with the foremost achievements in different fields of human knowledge such as engineering, politics, education, administration, medicine and others.

The competition was fierce in all categories and the decision to choose the winners was not easy. The Golden European Award for Quality and  Business Prestige in the Medicine Sphere was not an exception but absolutely deserved, the award went to Dr. Nahi Yousif Yaseen from Iraq. The award is recognition not only of his outstanding professional and research achievements but also of his roles as a community leader, mentor, pioneer and colleague.

Dr. Nahi Yousif Yaseen is an exceptional medical specialist and individual known for his energy, willingness to help and research abilities. He received a PhD in cancer and medical genetics from the University of Sheffield in 1990. He has had research projects in the fields of cancer genetics, stem cell, cytotoxicity, gene therapy, medical genetics, medical biochemistry and scientific writing approaches. That resulted in 4 patents, 4 books, 200 articles and countless awards.

He has also taught human genetics, tissue culture, cancer genetics, cytogenetics, oncogenesis, cytotoxicity, molecular genetics, gene therapy, carcinogenesis, cancer biochemistry at universities such as Salahaddin, Tikrit, Baghdad, Al-Mustansiriya, Al-Nahrain, Al-Anbar, Al-Qadisiya, Kerbala, Wasit and Diayla University. Dr. Nahi Yousif Yaseen has mentored and supervised more than 160 PhD and MSc students and has received numerous teaching awards.

Moreover, in 1995, he founded the first in Iraq Centre for Cancer and Medical Genetics Research and currently he is a General Director of the Centre. Under Dr. Nahi Yousif Yaseen’s professional guidance, the Centre grew to four departments: Department of Cancer Research, Department of Medical Genetics, Department of Molecular Genetics, and Department of Experimental Therapy. Despite his busy schedule, he is also a member of other organizations such as the Iraqi Scientific Academy, the Iraqi Scientific Research Establishment, the Iraqi Tumor Society, the Iraqi Cancer Board, the Iraqi Committee for Poliomyelitis, the Iraqi Committee for Biosafety and others.

We would like to thank Dr. Nahi Yousif Yaseen for being a community leader and an inspiration for young scientists and to wish him further successes in the medicine sphere.

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