“Best Achievements Award”

For outsanding business achievements

Patent (Reg.No 013521381)

The Best Achievement Award is given to a company chosen by WBA for outstanding business achievements. The CEO of the company that has won the award is given a Best Manager of the Year Award. The Best Achievement Award is annual and highly competitive and is open to businesses worldwide. The award consists of a certificate for Best Achievements and a medal. 

The candidates for the Best Achievements Award can be nominated by a third party and self-nomination is possible. The nominations can be submitted at any time of the year.

The jury consists of prominent individuals experienced in different business fields such as banking, financial services, electronics, logistics, advertising, energy, communications, Internet technologies, manufacturing, etc. The main goal is that the business professionals in the jury cover different industries so that each candidate can be assessed from different points of view and so that no specific industry is given priority over the others.

The criteria which are evaluated are: impact, creativity, sustainability, social change, innovation. The impact represents the scope of the business – both in terms of reached people and covered geographical regions. Creativity acknowledges how the business has been different than the others. Sustainability shows whether the business achievement can be maintained and even improved in the future. Social change reflects the way in which the business achievement has positively affected society. Innovation is the way in which the business has made new products, services or technologies and/or how it has used existing ones in a new way. 

The award is very prestigious and very competitive and, thus, it attracts applicants from all over the world from various industries. WBA receives many applications and reviews carefully all of them and being nominated for the award is considered a great honor. It gives not only recognition and material benefits but also great chances for networking during and after the Ceremony with other members of WBA. The Best Achievement Award is meant not to measure financial or sales success but to distinguish business achievements that have led to progress and benefits for the society. The award is a result of commitment to excellence, supporting society and being a role model for other businesses regardless of their industry and geographical location.