Who is WBA and what does it stand for?

World Business Assembly (WBA) is a non-governmental organization whose goals are to support and enable economic, public and philanthropic collaboration and management of important projects and initiatives at an international level. WBA is driven by its dedication to quality, achievements, prosperity and mutual respect. The main events organized by WBA are the WBA Conference of Leaders, giving an opportunity to some of the world leaders in politics, science and economy to meet, discuss and collaborate, and The International Aristotle and Socrates Award Ceremonies..

Members of WBA are business leaders, prominent scientists, politicians and experts from different fields with a proven record of success. WBA is present in more than 35 countries and this number has been increasing every year and WBA would like to cover geographically all countries in the world. The members need to meet the following criteria: operate in one of the fields of WBA interest – politics, business, education, culture, science, have a track of successful records, show maturity, tolerance and professionalism. Needless to say, members need to continue meeting these requirements in order not to lose their membership. Membership is renewed automatically each year if the member still meets the minimum membership requirements and thus, the number of WBA members grows constantly.

WBA has expertise in creating, maintaining and supporting long-term relations in the fields of economy, education, culture and science. The Assembly works to create clusters of international business leaders, to help them with its expertise in business modelling, planning, controlling and realization of new projects. The effort of WBA has resulted in creation of successful result-driven businesses, establishment of powerful non-governmental organizations, support of scientific projects, co-operation of businesses from different sectors, etc. WBA also offers support such as consulting and providing know-how in later stages and does not limit its activity only to the initial project stages. Generally, WBA is ready to help any time when this is needed.

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